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One Encouraging Weekend

This past Saturday was our sixth New England Foundations Conference. About 135 people from five New England states were in attendance to enjoy great fellowship and teaching from God's Word. Our main guest speakers were Dr. Bruce McAllister and Dr. Marshall Fant, both from GFA Missions. Mrs. Gretchen Fant also did a breakout session for the ladies in attendance.

The day was filled with exuberant singing together, mutual encouragement, practical teaching about local church and pastoral ministry, as well as opportunities to meet new people from around New England. One person commented afterwards, "This was the best Conference yet!" Another person wrote, "Another blessed day together! We have been well-fed, both physically and spiritually." We praise the Lord for God's working in the lives of his people.

"Another blessed day together! We have been well-fed, both physically and spiritually."

Most of us in New England belong to churches with fewer than 100 attendees. Yet, we stand together with many like-minded churches who are seeking to be faithful in the proclamation of the gospel and the discipleship of people towards Christ. One highlight of the day came at the beginning of the lunch hour, when about 25-30 people stayed back to pray for churches in New England without a pastor. What a joy it is to labor alongside men and women who have a burden for New England.

Save the date for next year's conference, which is scheduled for Saturday, October14, 2023 with Dr. Chuck Phelps. I know it will be a great encouragement to all who attend.


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