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Rejoicing in Christ, the Newborn King
Christmas Devotional, Heritage Baptist Church, Dover

Pastor Taigen Joos has written a Christmas devotional designed to read together as a family. It begins on December 1st and ends with an extended reading of the Christmas story. Each day provides a brief scripture reading, along with some devotional thoughts and questions. Also, there is a Christmas hymn to either sing or read together as a family.

The devotional is divided into four main sections: The pre-incarnate Christ, The prophecies of Christ, The purposes of Christ’s coming, and The particulars surrounding Christ’s birth. Many families have found this resource to be helpful and enjoyable during the holiday season. May it be so for you as well.

Below are links to where this book can be purchased.

For the simple soft cover or kindle editions, you can purchase it through Amazon.

For spiral bound editions or to order in bulk, you can purchase it through Religious Affections Ministry.

Christmas Devotional, Dover, Heritage Baptist Church
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