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Five Favorite Christmas Carols-Conclusion

Today is Christmas Eve, and no doubt we are all looking forward to celebrating Christmas tomorrow. Rather than posting something new tomorrow, I would like to combine my final two Christmas hymn texts into one post.

The first Christmas hymn text to highlight is called "Thou Who Wast Rich Beyond All Splendor" written by Frank Houghton (1894-1972) who was, I believe, an evangelical Anglican. This text is based on 2 Corinthians 8:9, “For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though he was rich, yet for your sakes he became poor, that you through his poverty might become rich.”

The text speaks of the humiliation of the incarnation of Christ. He was rich and became poor; He is God and became man; He is love incarnate who is to be worshipped. I heard this hymn for the first time a few years back and immediately loved it.

Because of copyright laws, I don't think I can post the text, but you can find a nice arrangement of this hymn at the following: Thou who wast rich beyond all splendour (Arr. Charles Herbert Kitson & Daniel Hyde) (

The other hymn for your consideration is the jubilant Carol, "Christians Awake." Written by John Byrum (1692-1763), this text is one of great rejoicing in the birth of Christ. The text loosely references the angelic scene with the shepherds, but of particular note are the final thoughts addressing Christians today, "Saved by his love, incessant we shall sing eternal praise to heav'n's almighty King."

Our family enjoys singing this hymn together on Christmas morning after we read through the Christmas story from the gospels. Below is the text we sing.

Christians, awake, salute the happy morn,

whereon the Savior of the world was born;

rise to adore the mystery of love,

which hosts of angels chanted from above;

with them the joyful tidings were begun

of God incarnate and the virgin's Son.

Then to the watchful shepherds it was told,

who heard th'angelic herald's voice: "Behold,

I bring good tidings of a Savior's birth

to you and all the nations of the earth;

this day hath God fulfilled His promised word;

this day is born a Savior, Christ the Lord."

Then may we hope, th'angelic hosts among,

to sing, redeemed, a glad triumphal song;

He that was born upon this joyful day

around us all His glory shall display;

saved by His love, incessant we shall sing

eternal praise to heav'n's almighty King.

Merry Christmas!


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