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Join us for Easter Weekend!

If you are looking for a place to celebrate Easter, I invite you to join us for one or all of our services over Easter weekend. You will find our people to be friendly and welcoming, our services to be conservative with historic hymns sung and the Bible to be central to all we do, and the sermons to be biblically rich and relevant to our lives.

For the past several years we have given particular attention to the death of Christ on the day commonly called "Good Friday," the Friday before Easter Sunday. This year we invite you to join us for this service, which will begin at 7pm on Friday, March 29th. It will be a service marked by hymns and Scripture readings on the theme of Christ's death. I will also preach a brief sermon on the theme of "The Empty Cross." Jesus hung on the cross, but he is no longer there. We will discuss why that is significant.

Then, on Easter Sunday, March 31st at 9:45am, we will have our worship service celebrating the glorious and victorious resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. We invite you to this service as well. I will preach a sermon on the theme of "The Empty Tomb" and the hope that it gives for us today.
Easter is a time of celebration, of hope, and of life. It is all due to Jesus Christ's work of salvation accomplished for us through his work on the cross and his resurrection from the dead. I hope you can join us, and hear of the good news of Jesus Christ and the salvation found in him alone.


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