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Remembering What Cannot Be Forgotten

This day in US history will be forever remembered in the minds of those who lived through the unforgettable events in 2001. The numbers 911 are no longer only associated with an emergency phone number, but with the date that saw several thousand of our US citizens die in a brutal terrorist attack, spread across three states.

I remember as a small child where I was when I heard of the news that President Ronald Reagan had been shot. And I remember where I was the day of the 9/11 attacks. The people of our country rallied together to help those in need. It was a time of great American patriotism, valor, and courage.

I am thankful for those who sacrificially and deliberately, yet no doubt fearfully, went into danger to help rescue and recover those who were lost in those attacks in NYC, PA, and Washington DC.

It is good to remember such events, but it is also important to note that unless a person repents of their sins before a holy and righteous God, they, too, shall perish (Luke 13:4-5).

Come to Jesus Christ and find forgiveness of sins today.

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