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Get the Order Right

One thing I have been challenged with lately is the idea that dating/marriage is a spiritual matter first, then an emotional matter, then a physical. When people are dating, there needs to be a spiritual connection first. Upon that foundation of God, the Gospel, and the Word can be built a strong, godly emotional connection. Then, upon marriage, the physical connection can be enjoyed as God designed it.

Our culture puts these three things in the opposite order. First comes the physical attraction and sexual activity, then the emotional euphoria, and some point...maybe...there is some consideration of spiritual things (whatever that might mean).

Christians must get this biblical order correct if they want to position themselves to have a marriage that truly honors and glorifies God. This means, at the least...

...only dating those people who are truly born again and following Christ, pursuing holiness.

...cultivating a spiritual relationship in your dating life.

...putting physical boundaries upon your relationships, and be pure in mind and body until marriage.

...not knowingly and willingly marry an unbeliever.

Marriage is designed by God to bring Him honor and glory. Let's get the above order correct.

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