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Honorable Christian Manhood (pt 7)

The Meaning of Manhood

There are many faulty views of what manhood means. Here is a list of some faulty notions of what true manhood involves:

- A supercharged sex life

- Multiple sexual conquests

- Sexual attractiveness to women

- A muscular physique

- An air of confidence at all times

- Freedom from effeminate traits

In summary, to be a "real man" means to be physically muscular and attractive, sexually driven, and confidently pompous.

These notions of manhood are merely twisted and perverted versions of manhood put forth by our distorted, demented and ungodly culture. While we would expect unsaved men (and women) to think in these ways, many Christian men have swallowed versions of these poisonous pills as well. The reasons could be multiple, but at the heart of it is that men have failed to allow the Scriptures to not only tell them about real men, but to also shape their own ideas of what it means to be a man from God’s perspective.

Manhood, in God’s eyes, is being the kind of man that God has designed us and desired us to be. Manhood means owning up to the responsibilities that God has placed into our lives, living under the authority that God has placed over our lives, and leading others to do the same. There is no machismo (strong or aggressive masculine pride), bravado (boldness intended to intimidate), or domination (power hungry; controlling) over others. Those are perversions of what manhood means.

In God’s Word, there are many examples of godly men to whom we can look to for wisdom, and insight into manhood. However, there is one who ultimately fits this description, and that is, of course, the perfect man, Jesus Christ. Jesus is the Man of all men. While he is no doubt the incarnate Son of God, his incarnation was him taking human flesh. Therefore, Christ's humanity gives us the supreme example of what it means to be an honorable Christian man.

In light of Jesus Christ, true manhood seeks to 1) have godly character, 2) live a holy lifestyle, 3) walk obediently before God, 4) be spiritually disciplined, 5) love God supremely, 6) love others sacrificially, and 7) eagerly and selflessly serve others.

Men, do not swallow the lies, deceptions, and twisted notions of manhood. Follow Jesus Christ, and truly be an honorable Christian man.

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