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Indulgent Father, How Divine

The following hymn text was written by Asahel Nettleton and is found as Hymn 6 in his book, Village Hymns for Social Worship.

Indulgent Father, how divine,

How bright thy beauties are!

Thro' nature's ample round they shine,

Thy goodness to declare.

But in thy nobler work of grace,

What brighter mercy smiles

In our benign Redeemer's face,

And every fear beguiles!

Such wonders, Lord, while we survey,

To thee our thanks shall rise,

When morning ushers in the day,

Or evening veils the skies.

When glimmering life resigns its flame,

Thy praise shall tune our breath;

The dear memorials of thy name

Shall gild the shades of death.

But oh, how sweet our song shall rise,

When freed from feeble clay;

And all thy glories meet our eyes

In one eternal day!

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