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Great Hymn Texts of the Past

There is a God, who reigns above,

Lord of the heav'n, and earth and seas;

I fear his wrath, I ask his love,

And with my lips I sing his praise.

There is a law which he has writ,

To teach us all, what we must do;

My soul, to his commands submit,

For they are holy, just, and true.

There is a gospel rich in grace,

'Whence sinners all their comforts draw;

Lord, I repent and seek thy face,

For I have often broke thy law.

There is an hour when I must die,

Nor do I know how soon 'twill come;

How many, younger much than I,

Have pass'd by death to hear their doom.

Let me improve the hours I have,

Before the day of grace is fled;

There's no repentance in the grave,

Nor pardon offer'd to the dead.

-Isaac Watts

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