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April 18, 2019

Ann Ross Cousin was a wife and mother in the 19th century. Her husband was a pastor. She began to write hymn texts for their church services, and one in particular became very well known, "The Sands of Time Are Sinking." This is one of my favorite hymn texts about the...

April 10, 2019

Rich hymnody includes some wonderful international hymn texts and tunes. One of those is a text written by a Welshman, named William Rees. Rees ministered in the 19th century in both Wales and England. He wrote the hymn text to "Here is Love," a simple, but rich hymn t...

April 2, 2019

Sometimes there are questions raised as to how a parent should correct his/her children. Is there any kind of biblical approach or principles to keep in mind in the process? Raising children is a daunting task, one that no Christian parent should enter into lightly. 


April 1, 2019

Choices lead to consequences.

Good choices have positive consequences; sinful choices have negative consequences.

Those statements are not surprising to us, yet we often forget them, or at least don't think much about them. We make choices every day, but we do not always...

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    December 25, 2019

    December 20, 2019